As Nexus Yapı we have built Gloria Loft as a group of professionals, driven by empathy, desire to achieve perfection, diligence, discipline and research carried over from my experience as a specialist surgeon in gynaecology and obstetrics for 22 years.


The project was founded with Şevket Altındal, a pioneering architect among the top of his field in Antalya, in order to make it modern, practical and aesthetically appealing, and with Akın Akıncı, a construction engineer known for his robust construction solutions, in order to create sturdy buildings. With a unique, comfortable, modern interior design in mind we have created the entire interior design and display home in collaboration with Dual Interiors, a respectable company in the sector. In addition we have worked with Aslı Özbilen, a landscape architect with international experience in order to build a lush, elegant garden with an entertaining and calming design. We have worked with contractors whose teams have good long term references for their quality labour and work ethic without trying to cut down on cost. That's how we ensured that the production was high quality. We built it using the rational solutions and organisational leadership of Gökhan Aydın, a highly experienced site supervisor and construction engineer in luxury home-building, who knows our clients’ needs and the intricacies of quality production.

With the necessities of modern life in mind, we have given special attention to using technological features such as a smart infrastructure, central vacuuming system, and underfloor heating. We have achieved a very good cost-saving heat and sound insulation by using both insulation bricks and sheathing along with rough interior rendering. We have designed social activity and entertainment areas such as a cinema room, playstation and music rooms, pool tables, table tennis, sauna, a hobby garden, gym, playground for kids, and an open pool allowing you to have a good time with your guests and neighbours. We have paid attention to ensure every material we have used belongs to one of the best two brands in the luxury home sector (such as Rheau pvc, Duravit vitrified, Grohe fittings, Blanco sink, Siemens built-in, Mitsubishi air con) including concealed material that you won't be able to see like Rehau underfloor heating, Hes cables and Vesbo water pipes. In conclusion as we also own the land, we built Gloria Loft with empathy,designing it just the way you would have if it was your land.


Dr Mehmet Tongal
Chairman of the executive board, Nexus Yapı